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Why You Should Frame Your Child’s Sports Jersey

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When the sports season is over, what do you do with your child’s jersey? He or she likely won’t be able to wear it next year. They tend to grow into a bigger size, change numbers, or the uniform itself changes. But it’s a waste just to throw it out or leave it hanging in the back of the closet. Frame your kid’s jersey with the custom frames in Westmont, IL, from The Framemakers, a leading area framer that can create a cool wall decoration and conversation piece for you.

Many different framing options are available for sports jerseys. You can frame the jersey alone or shadow box it and include other memorabilia in the box, like gloves, pennants, and so on. No matter what option you choose, the jersey will be displayed with pride and help your family remember all of the highlights of the season.

Highlight Your Kid’s Achievements with a Shadow Box
Shadow boxes are perfect for sports jerseys because they allow you to not only present the jersey in a neat, eye-catching way, but also include other important items in the same display. For example, some people encase a winning ball or puck with their jersey. Other people include a photograph of the entire team. When you want to highlight your child’s hard work and sports achievements, you can’t go wrong with a shadow box.

Display your child’s jerseys with pride by ordering our custom frames in Westmont, IL. Our frames are perfect for highlighting sports achievements.

Framing Tips to Help You Decorate Your Walls

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Decorate your walls with pictures of loved ones, art prints, or your travels. Frames are the perfect finishing touch for all these images. When you choose among the custom frames in Westmont, IL, from The Framemakers, you are protecting your pieces, highlighting the best parts, and keeping images around that bring you joy.  In order to get the best out of a frame, check out the following framing tips:

Choose Images Carefully
Choose pictures that make you happy to see every day. Whether you choose landscapes, family memories, contemporary art, or something else, pick a picture that suits your home, personality, and style.

Consider the Space
Think about the surroundings and the shape of the space you want to use for your new frame. For example, a large alcove can handle a larger frame. However, if your picture will be hanging among others, consider the sizes and colors of all the frames together. Also, how will the new frame look with the color of the walls or wallpaper?

Make a Template for Hanging Multiple Frames
It makes sense to think about the positioning and layout if you are hanging multiple frames together. You can make a template that gives you an idea about the focal points in relation to one another.

Customize the Frame for an Unusual Size or Shape
Visit The Framemakers in Westmont, IL, when you need a customized frame. The knowledgeable and friendly staff can design a frame that suits your picture.