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Why You Should Frame Your Child’s Sports Jersey

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When the sports season is over, what do you do with your child’s jersey? He or she likely won’t be able to wear it next year. They tend to grow into a bigger size, change numbers, or the uniform itself changes. But it’s a waste just to throw it out or leave it hanging in the back of the closet. Frame your kid’s jersey with the custom frames in Westmont, IL, from The Framemakers, a leading area framer that can create a cool wall decoration and conversation piece for you.

Many different framing options are available for sports jerseys. You can frame the jersey alone or shadow box it and include other memorabilia in the box, like gloves, pennants, and so on. No matter what option you choose, the jersey will be displayed with pride and help your family remember all of the highlights of the season.

Highlight Your Kid’s Achievements with a Shadow Box
Shadow boxes are perfect for sports jerseys because they allow you to not only present the jersey in a neat, eye-catching way, but also include other important items in the same display. For example, some people encase a winning ball or puck with their jersey. Other people include a photograph of the entire team. When you want to highlight your child’s hard work and sports achievements, you can’t go wrong with a shadow box.

Display your child’s jerseys with pride by ordering our custom frames in Westmont, IL. Our frames are perfect for highlighting sports achievements.

Punch Up Any Room Decor with Posters

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From sports teams and movies to festivals and bands, anything you love likely has posters. A great poster is eye-catching and dynamic, so they work well as wall art for any room. Whether you wanted to proudly display an autographed poster in your living room or surround yourself with your favorite things in your home office, we make it easy with our poster frames in Naperville, IL.

While posters often feature amazing art and photographs, they’re typically made from relatively inexpensive materials. To ensure the colors don’t fade and the paper doesn’t rip, you should frame your favorite posters. Our frames come in all sizes, so no poster is too big or too small. Get your wall art framed today to ensure you and your visitors will be able to appreciate it for many years to come.

Poster Decorating Ideas for Your Home
Are you worried that decorating with posters will make your place look like a teenager’s bedroom? Not a problem — by choosing carefully, you can create interior designs that suit your personality and impress your guests. For example, choose one large poster to be the room’s focal point and color coordinate other key items to match it. When you have multiple posters you want to hang, create a clustered grouping rather than spreading them across the room. Finally, when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a nice frame.

Accent your wall art with the poster frames from The Framemakers, based in Westmont, IL. Our frames protect your posters from damage and give your room a more interesting look.